Renowned for their vibrant and elegant style, Ivy + Piper is a Brisbane-based interior design firm at the forefront of the industry.

Founders Elizabeth Flekser and Melanie Parker first bonded at design college and have since spent years honing their passion and creative talents to evolve their business from beginnings as market stallholders, to internationally acclaimed online interiors magazine, to a complete and highly personalised design firm. Founded in Brisbane, the business has expanded to include a studio location in Toowoomba that is now able to service their rural clients.

The Ivy + Piper design ethos is that the most beautiful interiors are tastefully curated over time into sophisticated spaces that reflect the unique life story of its owners.

Ivy + Piper works with clients to manage every aspect of their project to ensure a stress free build, renovation or redecoration. Their team extends beyond themselves to incorporate top industry specialists and artisans who help them bring dreams to life through custom made furniture, international designer textiles and globally sourced homewares and antiques.

In pursuit of perfection for their clients, there is nothing Ivy + Piper can’t create and this is evident in their ever growing portfolio of residential and commercial design projects. Their design philosophy merges beauty with elegance regardless of theme and the result is polished, high end interior spaces with their trademark flair for unexpected style.


I have always loved interiors. Perhaps it was a natural progression since I was a highly imaginative child with a genuine wonderment for the creative process. Even then I was obsessed with the idea that a room could look one way initially and morph into something completely different. To this day I treasure this process; the transformation of a single and beautiful idea into a tangible and living creation.

My approach is that beautiful designs start with the most special ingredient of all – family – whoever that may be to each of my clients. To attain a home of love and warmth is to wrap the walls in the things we treasure and create spaces that we enjoy filling with our favourite people. An equally crucial ingredient that I insist upon in all my work is quality. Together, the result is a beauty that pleases the eye and moves the soul.

Our interiors become very personal spaces which affect our clients’ lifestyles in many positive ways. In entertaining, decorating, flowers and design, it is my deepest passion to help our clients realise a home that reflects who they are, how they live and that will remain in their hearts forever.

An insight into MELANIE PARKER

‘Home’ is a concept more than a word and one that is essential to my design approach. I take a client’s beloved house and infuse it with the essence of them. Weaving past, present and future into the floors, walls and furnishings. I am inspired by my clients themselves. Often a concept blooms through conversation, a picture, their garden, a story or an heirloom. I work to build on a thread of inspiration, bringing spaces to life with a curation of collected items, new treasures, colour and pattern. It is important to me that not only does a space function and look incredible, but that it feels right. This heart of a home is what I strive for.

I adore the process of taking four walls and recreating a space that is functional, beautiful and of high quality. One that truly represents the life and loves of the people that live within. The joy the client feels when their home is all they imagined it to be and more adds to the passion I feel for my work. I look forward to helping you make your home your own.